Design is Freedom. One cannot capture a cloud in a box. 
The power of design is limitless. Like the sky.
Design is essential. Air is everywhere around. Design as well.
Looking at the clouds, everyone sees something different.
What do You see?

We believe in the power of imagination and knowledge used together for transforming the everyday products, spaces and communication into something special. A never-ending process of creation - just like the clouds which never stop moving and never take the same shape twice. 

Desislava Sredkova,  multi-discipline designer & creative director.

Desislava starts her design career from ISKASH - a boutique branding studio in her hometown Varna, which strongly affects her post-development in design. She receives a Master Degree in Interior Design , from NABA, Milano and spends several years working for the leading Italian architectural company A++. Meanwhile participates in various exhibitions, design fairs and workshops across Europe, most significant of which iSaloni Milano. Later on, returns to Bulgaria and becomes laureate of Best Bathroom Design by Ideal Standard. In Sofia, she discovers her passion for entrepreneurship and takes part in several start-ups. 
For the last three years she is also a tutor in branding and graphic design.


Lilia Petrova, junior graphic designer

Vyara Peneva,  junior graphic designer